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The Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War created and defined our nation. Through our rich collection of resources, you can learn about why we are the way we are.

Distance Learning & Classroom Resources


During this unprecedented world event, we know that many of you are at home, and are coping with a disrupted day-to-day schedule. Many of you are with your children, or grandchildren, or perhaps are caretakers for other young people, and in addition to your duties as a parent, you have also assumed the role of their teacher. To that end, we want to share a sample of the digital resources that might be helpful to you right now. We hope that they can help bring history to life at home, whether you are a parent, educator, lifelong student of history, or anywhere in between.

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Lesson Plan - 1863: The Shifting Tides

Lesson Plans and Curricula

Our downloadable Civil War Curriculum covering that conflict and the antebellum period is available in multiple grade levels, and we’ve just launched our easy-to-use, inquiry-based curriculum for teaching the American Civil War. Our website boasts thousands of articles on historic events and figures, hundreds of acclaimed maps and even quizzes to test your knowledge.

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Battle App™ guides and Virtual Tours

While GPS-enabled to help lead you around in person, our free Battle App™ guides for iOS and Android devices can be accessed from anywhere in the world to bring you "onto the field" with leading historians. Our Virtual Tours utilize stunning 360-degree photography to place you at the heart of key battlefields and highlight key landmarks, from Antietam to Yorktown.

Civil War Crash Courses

Crash Courses

We know that the Revolutionary War and Civil War can seem like overwhelming topics to tackle, but don’t fret. We've broken down these topics down into easily digestible sections for those of you who are looking for just enough information to be dangerous about the topic to those who are seeking to become the next leading historian. Pick that option that works best for your schedule to get started on your crash courses in the Revolutionary War or Civil War today!

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The most versatile tool in the Trust's education arsenal is the suite of high-quality video series produced by the Trust and housed on our website and YouTube channel:

  • Animated Maps: Whether you want to cover the entire American Revolution or Civil War in a single sitting, or dive into campaign-level learning (like The Overland Campaign), these mini-documentaries are ideal viewing. See our collection
  • Battlefield U: Have a burning question about American history and need a succinct — but authoritative — answer? This rapidly growing series tackles commonly asked questions with lightning-strike responses suitable for all audiences.
  • In4 Minutes: Short and compelling treatments of subjects ranging from famous battles and personalities to equipment, weapons and tactics, these serve as introductions and whet the appetite for more learning. Watch them all here
  • Virtual Reality: Experience Civil War combat, as never before, with an immersive storytelling approach that will transport put you back in time as you navigate how it may have looked, felt and sounded to be soldier. Experience it now
  • Your State in the Civil War: Want to make a local connection to national history? Soldiers came from across the nation, and many communities far from the front lines were sites for hospitals, prisons or cemeteries. Find your state

These are just a few of our resources we offer that will hopefully help to inspire minds at home. In addition, throughout this world event, our education department continues to assist parents, teachers, and educators around the world as they engage in distance learning. Feel free to reach out to our team directly if you have questions or are seeking assistance.


AS A TEACHER you have the unique opportunity to inspire within the hearts of your students a passion for American history and a commitment to historic preservation. The responsibility to protect the sites that forever changed our country will rest on their shoulders.