Haunting Encounters With Revolutionary Ghouls

While study of the American Revolution quite often emphasizes the lasting legacies of unalienable rights and our visionary founders, many believe that the bloody battles fought for American independence also left behind specters of a spookier nature. From heroic figures whose presence exceeds their living days to those souls who can’t escape the wicked experiences of war, a lengthy list of paranormal activity can be connected to the nation’s founding conflict.

Peter Conover Hains

Peter Conover Hains made history when he fired the first shot of the Battle of Bull Run, but his legacy would be linked to more than just the first land battle of the American Civil War.

The Rise and Fall of the Powdered Wig

While it’s true that wigs were a major status symbol early in the second half of the 18th century, by 1800 short, natural hair was all the rage. Learn all about the rise and fall of wigs.

Witness Trees

Witness trees, like the land we save, have seen things we cannot imagine, and bear the marks of our nation's history.

Healing Heroines

Not only did these women help advance the medical field, they contributed to the U.S. military and showed that non-combatants play a vital role in the war effort.

The Confederate Ironclad that Secured a Japanese Revolution

When cutting edge naval technology misses the conflict it was built for, sometimes it ends up securing a revolution on the other side of the world.

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